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You heard her — be kind. For her.

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safe1636666 artist:mrkat7214417 fluttershy205362 pegasus264717 pony901666 absurd resolution64785 crying41499 cute189213 daaaaaaaaaaaw3407 dialogue61926 end of ponies775 feels1555 female1302643 floppy ears48707 fluttercry467 happy29424 looking at you156326 mare448394 open mouth132956 puppy dog eyes680 sad23432 sadorable786 shyabetes12720 simple background369754 smiling229570 smiling at you2372 solo1018023 sweet dreams fuel1138 talking to viewer2355 tears of joy2313 teary eyes3700 white background91708


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Background Pony #E5F5
Same with you fluttershy may yours be stronger I will remember you and your friends
Background Pony #72ED
My dear Fluttershy, you are the reason I decided to watch the show in the first place. Forever in my heart.
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