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You heard her — be kind. For her.

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safe1704490 artist:mrkat7214422 fluttershy212422 pegasus290983 pony965733 absurd resolution66209 crying43512 cute199485 daaaaaaaaaaaw3857 dialogue65423 end of ponies787 feels1565 female1361296 floppy ears52235 fluttercry507 happy31187 looking at you168218 mare479647 open mouth145423 puppy dog eyes731 sad smile54 sadorable890 shyabetes13773 simple background392785 smiling247732 smiling at you3430 solo1062768 sweet dreams fuel1595 talking to viewer2701 tears of joy2513 teary eyes4119 white background97668


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Background Pony #E5F5
Same with you fluttershy may yours be stronger I will remember you and your friends
Background Pony #72ED
My dear Fluttershy, you are the reason I decided to watch the show in the first place. Forever in my heart.