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You heard her — be kind. For her.

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safe1659463 artist:mrkat7214418 fluttershy207614 pegasus273610 pony923477 absurd resolution65181 crying42174 cute192635 daaaaaaaaaaaw3541 dialogue63047 end of ponies779 feels1559 female1322314 floppy ears49943 fluttercry474 happy29987 looking at you160261 mare458671 open mouth137459 puppy dog eyes699 sad23802 sadorable817 shyabetes13086 simple background377848 smiling236019 smiling at you2655 solo1033739 sweet dreams fuel1172 talking to viewer2460 tears of joy2379 teary eyes3809 white background93625


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Background Pony #E5F5
Same with you fluttershy may yours be stronger I will remember you and your friends
Background Pony #72ED
My dear Fluttershy, you are the reason I decided to watch the show in the first place. Forever in my heart.
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