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Happy Halloween! Boy I sure do like Halloween. I still like getting candy and putting on my costume. It doesn’t matter if I’m old to go trick or treating, I always go. So now, the pic I made, Mariclaw (myself) and Mario are Cuphead and Luigi is Mugman, isn’t that awesome? Now the Rabbids are in their kingdom battle costumes, Rainbow Dash as Mario, Fluttershy as Luigi, and Sunset Shimmer as me Mariclaw with mustaches. Adagio and Sonata came to celebrate too and they have good costumes. Adagio is based on Dry Bowser thanks to my design and Sonata in her Vampire dress. Cappy is here too to celebrate the release of Super Mario Odyssey on October because he resembles an Eerie from Super Mario World. Our guest stars is none other than Spongebob and Patrick in their superhero costumes from Sponge Out of Water. So have a wonderful Halloween and thank you all! 

Mario, Luigi, Cappy: Nintendo 
Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Sunset, Adagio, Sonata: Hasbro 
Rabbids: Ubisoft 
Spongebob, Patrick: Nickelodeon 
Cuphead and Mugman: Studio MDHR 
Rainbow Dash vector: Starbolt-81 
Fluttershy vector: Jailboticus 
Sunset vector: xebck
Adagio vector: RoboCheatsy 
Sonata vector: IriskaArt 
safe (1460621)artist:iriskaart (5)artist:jailboticus (13)artist:robocheatsy (32)artist:starbolt-81 (48)artist:vg805smashbros (36)artist:xebck (684)adagio dazzle (11237)fluttershy (187469)rainbow dash (207274)sonata dusk (12008)sunset shimmer (51962)oc (541226)human (133588)equestria girls (163994)barely eqg related (464)cap (3132)cappy (11)cappy (mario) (29)clothes (366704)costume (22733)crossover (53892)cuphead (232)cuphead (character) (91)dry bowser (3)halloween (6609)halloween costume (1213)happy halloween (90)hat (67203)holiday (12304)luigi (607)luigi's hat (67)luigishy (95)mariclaw (2)maridash (110)mario (1383)mario & luigi (126)mario + rabbids kingdom battle (6)mario's hat (87)mugman (66)nickelodeon (437)nintendo (3014)patrick star (261)rabbid luigi (1)rabbid mario (2)rabbids (24)spongebob squarepants (2408)straw (1550)studio mdhr (132)super mario bros. (3266)super mario odyssey (69)ubisoft (41)


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Giratina Lover
No seriously what the fuck is this??

First of all why are there essentially 2 Mario cupheads?

Why is Luigi mugman?

Why is sunset’s Mario cap that of the Smash Bros symbol??

Why is my waifu depicted as a fuckin’ thwomp????

I have so many questions about what this image is…

Like it’s not me trying to be mean, I’m just generally confused on what and why these characters are here???
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