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I cant be the only person who immediately thought “DERPY!” when Sugarbelle said they only had muffins.

Just think, a whole town built on equality and muffins….

Dont you think Derpy would buy into that so hard at first?

Though im sure by the end of the episode she would realize that she should be loved for who she is, and not hide out amongst the crowd. : )

Published: 2015
safe (1487406) artist:royalshark (19) derpy hooves (46781) pegasus (207781) semi-anthro (10240) the cutie map (3631) clothes (376621) cute (160154) derpabetes (1826) equality (190) eyes closed (72487) female (811878) mare (366893) muffin (5939) simple background (310539) solo (915192) that pony sure does love muffins (395) this will not end well (1173)


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Let's keep calm here...
Then, when the abysmal muffins give her colic, it turns out all doctors in the village have been made perforce into quacks…