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Created by an Anon on /mlp/ I added the colors.

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My profile on deviant art:

Check it if you want to see more of these coloring and also for a download link to all of my coloring work with the .psd format included.
artist needed (24224) safe (1504049) artist:adequality (105) princess celestia (86840) princess luna (90937) twilight sparkle (272624) alicorn (179808) pony (781024) unicorn (234504) /mlp/ (8660) eating (8126) female (828272) food (56135) glowing horn (14909) height (47) height difference (488) horn (32700) invader zim (345) magic (61574) mare (376262) popcorn (1338) royalty (924) slurpee (29) telekinesis (22681) unicorn twilight (9571)


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Celestia: Twilight, it isn't how tall you are that that makes a great ruler, but how well you serve and protect your subjects.