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New flight training for the princess… It's um… Some high endurance training? Yes…
questionable109809 artist:blueblaze95194 rainbow dash228580 twilight sparkle294352 alicorn215500 pegasus274015 pony924250 3d71747 3d animation30 animated96252 belly27190 burp1877 butt51088 duo56998 female1322948 fetish38212 micro8713 oral vore799 plot76083 preddash467 preylight799 soft vore1105 sound8198 source filmmaker43894 stomach bulges256 stomach growl141 stomach noise2997 swallowing1870 throat bulge3516 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121152 vore13958 webm12274


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only he doesn't ever render a none fatal along with his fatal versions. It's already spoiled for me to take the time to edit that out. Some videos you gotta just let others be happy with. AV has it's place, gotta say oral is totally my fav.

honestly the butt growth digestion was getting cliche and old. I like this for a change of pace. Speed digestion is meh to me all together.
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the digestion is what make seb111's videos stand out from other similar videos :3

But I mean, if you compare with other videos of him, this actually feels unfinished.

If you don't like digestion you can simply stop the video, cut it and it will still being good as this one. At least you have option to just watch the part you like. You can simply cut the part tou don't like.

in other hand I don't like anal vore, witch is like half of videos of Seb1111 (the next one sadly is probably going to be anal).

It makes me sad because it makes the video completely out of my taste, in other words I don't have option, I can't change the way the video is render.

And sadly he doesn't do a oral version
I am screw in this case :(
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