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safe1706464 artist:ponygoddess247 applejack169908 fluttershy212671 pinkie pie216216 rainbow dash233962 rarity181840 twilight sparkle300336 equestria girls200427 absurd file size956 absurd resolution66289 belt5517 boots22034 clothes459629 cowboy hat15877 denim skirt1489 equestria girls interpretation570 female1363127 hat86866 humane five3391 humane six3219 mane six opening poses474 scene interpretation8608 shoes36731 skirt39756 socks66321 stetson5002


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Sci-Twi Lover
OP, please be careful while you are adding the Humane Six tag, it still has the Sci-Twi implied tag in there, and this pic shows the Pony Princess Twilight, and I don't want to get confused here because the Sci-Twi tag is technically not needed for this.

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