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safe1691870 artist:heir-of-rick1454 edit130901 cozy glow7304 twilight sparkle298366 alicorn221510 pegasus286200 pony953518 the ending of the end3156 blast640 cobble glow26 comic108229 cozybetes1200 cozybuse486 cute197686 dialogue64635 duo59840 duo female10326 eyes closed91874 female1349750 filly65662 flying37699 glowing horn19322 gravity falls1345 happy30839 horn64576 looking at you165979 magic72515 magic blast988 mare473788 meme81554 open mouth142867 petrification942 pun7485 reference3797 sad24344 smiling244122 solo focus16654 spread wings53907 statue2304 stone563 talking to viewer2642 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122801 wings104450 zap15


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Background Pony #2A7D
I was hoping for tirek cozy glow and chrysalis would get reformed, but turning them to stone seemd fair
Background Pony #218F
Cozy had a completely diffrent and skewed concept of friendship and was never given the same chance as Discord. Meanwhile Discord not only got a second chance closely after almost plunging Equestria into an age of chaos, but was also given a third and fourth chance as well.

It just feels a bit unfair that they never even tried helping Cozy see a better way after discovering how she viewed friendship differently.
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@Background Pony #D7EC
And? Cozy was also offered friendship, but decided to use it as a tool to gain power instead. Discord didn't know friendship and was convinced by Tirek that it was holding him back, Cozy knew what it was but decided that it was only good for empowering her and sought Tirek for help.