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Equestria Exposed Chapter 4: Royal Secret
It’s been a week since I came face to face with the beautiful princess of the night totally naked in one of the private gardens very close to the Royal Palace, I have returned every day to that place hoping to repeat such a pleasant experience and obviously with the Hope to get some good pictures, unfortunately that never happened, I tried to return on more than one occasion and at different times of the day but finally decided to give up thinking that this majestic event would never be repeated but I was wrong… recently… I had a rather strange dream where Princess Luna talked to me and told me looking into my eyes with that seductive look that same look with which she had observed me while photographing her, she told me that if I wanted to witness the most exciting show of my whole life I had to go again Just outside the royal palace exactly today and so I did the first train to Canterlot and scrutinized me and to the outskirts of the royal palace where after a while of inquiring when looking through one of the windows of the Castle I managed to meet what was promised by Princess Luna in that strange dream last night… in front of me I saw the royal sisters of Equestria on a bed kissing with a lot of passion while they caressed each other from top to bottom with their helmets, I could clearly see with the help of my camera zoom their tongues curl up and fiddle with each other as if it were a beautiful erotic dance, then After a while they both separated, being barely joined by a very thin thread of saliva
Celestia: a-aah ~ Luna please… This is dangerous, someone could come in here and see us…
Luna: that makes it more exciting, don’t you think?
Celestia: N-No, I… I don’t want… Ah!
Luna: Besides… I’ve missed you a lot lately dear sister… It’s been a long time since we had fun and I think it’s fair that we have a good time together, what do you say?
Celestia: well… I guess it’s fine…
Suddenly without saying more that beautiful event was repeated once again, Princess Luna was looking me straight in the eye and with her magic began to slowly stretch the anus of her older sister while levitating a strange very dry object from the hole of her ass
Celestia: i-is that…?
Luna: the new toy I bought for you dear sister ~ do you want it…?
Celestia: Y-yes… I want it… Please give it to me… Put it in my ass…
***Luna: your wishes are orders dear sister ~***
Celestia: Ooh yes! Move that thing inside my ass until im cumming!!!
The scene was too erotic and exciting I could see that huge object entering and leaving Princess Celestia’s anus on multiple occasions, going out completely and disappearing inside her ass again and again, while her younger sister kissed her neck passionately, Little by little, Celestia’s clitoris began to peek out from inside her vagina over and over again while that strange object entered and left her entrails faster and faster until finally Princess Celestia arched her back trembling and drooling while giving a groan. drowned and a lot of fluids left the inside of her vagina covering a large part of the bed sheets accompanied by a few spasms, had reached its climax, just like me… I didn’t even realize at what time I did or when I started touching myself, but it was…  
I think that in the end Princess Luna was right… This has been the most pleasant experience of my whole life, I just hope that one day I will come back here again within my dreams, I will be happy to return again…
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