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看起来书记和师姐想在隙日睡着时对他做些什么特别的事呢 不过似乎他们动静太大了哟~


It seems that Starlight and Sunset want to do something special to Sunburst when he is sleeping, but seems that they are moving too much~

It's a very common artwork drawn for the sake of compiling the tutorial. It's really interesting to say that the hooves of Sunburst is not naturally white but wearing white socks.

As for why Sunset joined in, you should know that in Jim's Q&A, a brony mentioned that Sunburst and Sunset are so similar in color matching, are they sibling?
This idea really attracted my attention, so i decided to draw this artwork.

More artworks are already on the way. Please keep watching to get more excellent artworks.

safe1636635 artist:movieskywalker55 derpibooru exclusive26490 starlight glimmer46424 sunburst6304 sunset shimmer59943 pony901648 unicorn293934 bed38586 bedroom eyes55931 blushing186011 caught3149 chest fluff35312 clothes434440 dark background857 female1302617 fluffy13509 frog (hoof)11483 hooves17144 incest12934 lying on bed1499 magic69604 male350189 pillow16721 red face232 scared9899 shimmerburst34 shipping191196 socks61762 socks (coat marking)2074 starburst1130 straight129735 suncest shimmer28 sunny siblings53 sweat24672 tongue out97015 underhoof49040


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many fan belive he wear socks but what is part if body like the part of luna cutie mark?
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Google Translate:
"It seems that the secretary and the sister want to do something special for him when he falls asleep. But it seems that they are too moving.

A very common piece of work that was drawn for the sake of writing a tutorial. The strange rhythm of wearing a white sock is not very natural.
As for why there will be a sister-in-law to join in, you should know that in the Q&A of Jim, there was a horse fan who mentioned that "the color of the day and the sister-in-law are so similar, whether they will be brothers and sisters".
This idea really caught my attention, so I have such a work.
New works are coming soon, you remember to keep on paying attention to get more quality works~"

Looks like this picture is indeed intended to be incest themed.