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What better way to celebrate a popular show's 9th B-Day?
Why, blowing up a balloon, of course!… … Pinkie and Rupert style! =)
Apparently, one of your boi's dreams was to get smooshed by balloon, via her cannon. And here it is, come true! <3

LEWD edits are coming up, so watch out for those!
safe1575783 artist:rupertbluefox120 derpibooru exclusive24374 pinkie pie203289 oc605086 oc:rupert the blue fox13 earth pony199089 fox1146 balloon9601 blowing up balloons175 blushing175895 female899485 furry4249 furry oc322 inflation8238 male305547 mare415577 mlp fim's ninth anniversary323 party cannon1666 silly7035 squished179 wavy mouth3323


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