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What if our hair changed colors and fell out when fall came. Then grew back in when it got warmer. I had to imagine it, so now you do too.
safe (1446592)artist:greyscaleart (876)princess celestia (84457)princess luna (88762)twilight sparkle (263695)alicorn (167782)pony (714300)unicorn (210885)the tiny apprentice (66)autumn (1267)boots (16315)clothes (362137)coffee (3196)coffee cup (176)constellation freckles (57)covered eyes (29)cup (4746)cute (151813)cutelestia (2724)earmuffs (952)female (776054)filly (51595)filly twilight sparkle (2236)freckles (21038)hat (66192)leaf (698)leaves (1367)magic (58592)mare (345268)momlestia (904)overdressed (7)oversized clothes (277)scarf (18151)shoes (24708)smiling (186524)smol (368)star freckles (7)sweater (11662)winter coat (71)younger (14039)


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Celestia is always gonna put tons of clothes on little Twiley so she can stay nice, warm, and cozy.

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