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Her skirt got stuck in that position because of the way she put her arm on it for the last 2 pages~
Patrons have access 2-3 pages ahead of the public releases The Excessive Sweating plot point finally plays a factor~
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explicit410718 artist:pshyzomancer586 cheerilee10671 wallflower blush2589 comic:public wallflower46 equestria girls230912 ahegao29383 background human6459 blushing234835 bottomless15500 breasts336152 classroom1911 clitoris33995 clothes549937 colored21891 comic122492 cum92271 cumming27391 dialogue78685 double entendre117 embarrassed13390 erect nipples14134 exhibitionism11144 exhibitionist wallflower183 female1579974 female focus8342 female orgasm1177 heart eyes22235 humiliation2481 masturbation21548 miniskirt5339 niagara falls21 nipple outline9465 nipples206831 no panties2692 nudity444845 offscreen character42915 open mouth193243 orgasm15125 partial nudity24958 pleated skirt4289 public humiliation583 public masturbation313 see-through6363 shirt31708 skirt47245 skirt lift5126 soaked147 socks80202 solo focus21898 speech bubble31037 stealth masturbation251 sweat32904 text74553 this will end in detention88 thrill of almost being caught632 upskirt6607 vagina52925 vaginal secretions45969 vulva157567 wingding eyes29601


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Please make a cover for this comic, it will make it look so much better.  
You can do it after the comic is done tho! :D
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Drama in the comments
I never heard of anything like that going on where I went to high school. I masturbated in a high school bathroom once (I don’t think anyone was there anyway so nobody found out) but that’s it. I certainly didn’t see any weird stuff like this.
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I’m not a teacher but I can tell you from knowing a couple that teens do a loooooooooooooot of weird, screwed up things. Public sexual displays are a bit more common than you might expect, especially in urban schools.
Many teens are just dumb pseudo-adults with absolutely no morals or inhibitions of any kind. I was, and I am so very very thankful my teen years were before the internet was so common.

I do hope this comic features Wallflower squirting uncontrollably over Twilight in the front row.
Are there any teachers on here? How would you deal with this situation, in the highly unlikely event it happened in real life?