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YES! I love how this came out! I had the idea based off of Siden’s Ultimareverse where the Mane 6 still represent their Elements but have decidedly different personalities and back grounds. Especially in the case of Twi and Rarity, switching Creativity and Knowledgeability.

In this case Twilight or Dazzling Sparkle is a Equestrian famous showmare for her amazing illusions whose creative shows wow and amaze! Rarity or Gem follows a more Maud like path, working to earn her Rock-derate and show the usefulness of Equestria’s rocks and diamonds (like say the Elements of Harmony).
safe (1444789)artist:egophiliac (2127)rarity (159262)twilight sparkle (263431)pony (712559)unicorn (210087)alternate universe (5967)book (27451)clothes (361505)duo (39985)female (774343)fishnets (4041)grayscale (31482)hat (66073)hoof hold (6074)magic wand (389)mare (344157)monochrome (135750)pencil drawing (6602)simple background (295045)sketch (53808)suit (4373)top hat (3247)traditional art (98999)unicorn twilight (8449)white background (73426)


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