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Part 1 of a commissioned series. Smolcellus is da bomb!
safe (1522758) artist:toonbat (236) ocellus (4204) smolder (6026) changedling (6799) changeling (37409) dragon (44419) blushing (167734) commission (46845) desk (2712) dragoness (6194) female (846895) floating heart (1253) flustered (193) heart (41284) implied twilight sparkle (1485) lesbian (88983) offscreen character (27569) quill (2390) shipping (176915) smolcellus (59) spread wings (45369) wingboner (7591) wings (65426)


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15 comments posted
Background Pony #D197
the hearts must be a turn on for ocellus I get it I know how she feels I mean we terror beasts are like distance cousins and all but nevermind that smolder really has a max crush on ocellus hearts that fly towards and cuddle, wag wag, lick, smell, touch and kissing means love and that's a lot of heart even for ocellus to take so adorablely cute! y////y[cover eyes while blushing] ps smolder just tell her already please…sorry~ziltromon
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Artist -

Lord of the Empty Seat
@Rainbow Eevee
Changelings feed off of love, Smolder loves Ocellus and is emitting a huge amount of love just by being close to her. Therefore Ocellus is finding it hard to focus with such in a large food source sitting right behind her.
Background Pony #E3E0
If Changelings get too much love, do they gain weight? Has anyone drawn an overweight Changedling?