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Edit for looped blowjob
explicit410550 artist:blackjr555 fizzlepop berrytwist9664 tempest shadow18167 twilight sparkle330080 anthro309983 plantigrade anthro42088 my little pony: the movie20580 3d99539 animated111734 armpits45000 barefoot32178 big breasts104094 blowjob36991 breasts336034 busty tempest shadow821 busty twilight sparkle14265 deepthroat6118 dominant pov459 feet47961 female1579491 female on futa849 female pov915 first person view652 futa54000 futa on female13729 futa pov675 futa twilight sparkle6038 impossibly large penis16619 intersex51937 nipples206742 nudity444665 offscreen character42887 offscreen female250 oral56995 patreon14037 patreon reward2017 penetration72682 penis184300 pov16786 sex146093 shipping227229 sound12631 source filmmaker58215 submissive pov1164 tempestlight3611 vaginal48173 vulva157498 webm19192


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wish he did more mlp videos. don’t get me wrong, he has every right to make what he wants. I just think his mlp videos were better back in the day, the long ones at least.
Background Pony #2591
As much as I can’t stand Patreon, thanks to the endless stupidity of Tumblr, that sounds like great news! It’s been a while since he’s done MLP videos! 😀
Background Pony #2317
Tempest realizes she can’t beat Twilight in a magical fight, and she can’t beat her up and risk killing her, so she decides to weaken her with repeated orgasms.
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NexGen Blender Dev
This one is like two years old I think. He is making new animations. Is actually working on a new Halloween animation featuring Cadence and Evil Luna, and he has been posting on his Twitter, so I’d follow him there if you want to see new public content. Otherwise, his Patreon is still the best way to see what he does.