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Stop it, unicorns.
Let Fluttershy go.

safe1615011 artist:nekokevin984 fluttershy202923 starlight glimmer45598 sunset shimmer58880 tempest shadow16159 trixie63974 twilight sparkle288215 pegasus257046 pony882619 unicorn284962 series:nekokevin's glimmy421 broken horn13190 clothes425727 eye scar4611 female1285608 hoof shoes4542 horn51944 irl68006 lidded eyes28198 lying down12009 magical quartet141 mare439218 on top1076 open mouth129787 photo76415 plushie22505 scar10852 smiling224408 socks59617 striped socks20022 underhoof48083


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