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Sorry this one is a bit late today.

These 2 are very special to me cuz my friend Kate, aka came up with Twinky (left) and I came up with Inky (right) way back in 2011 and we drew adorable fanart of them. :3 Inky was originally supposed to be my ponysona (explains why he has the same tail as Alex the Chubby Pony and a goatee) but over time he slowly became more of an OC and Kate and I shipped our OCs together. They're good friends but they become lovers later on. We even had an ask blog for them at one point but that ended a while ago. There's still plenty of adorable art of them on here though. :3

Twinky is supposed to be a musically-talented pony who's not too great on her feet, hence the name "Twinkle Toes". Inky is an artist who specializes in graphic design (you can't see it but his cutie mark is a pen and tablet) and works in a print shop hence the name "Ink Jet". Kate and I don't draw them enough anymore but they're still cute as ever.

MLPFIM © Hasbro
Twinkle Toes ©
Ink Jet © Me


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