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i made a military pon but she kinda looks like applejack
safe1587614 artist:shinodage1117 oc609908 oc only409544 oc:oasis (shino)13 pony857759 :p7387 bandage5152 clothes415238 cute181440 eye clipping through hair4278 female1228064 goggles13176 helmet9653 looking at you147984 mare427499 military1585 military pony49 no pupils3539 not applejack148 ocbetes4281 one eye closed26103 pants12576 shirt21722 simple background349620 solo983344 tongue out91976 white background87400 wink22074


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Applejack’s great granddaughter joins the army and looks super cute while do it. I love her. I’d totally pay for a cute military oc like her.