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Trying to do more stuff and experimenting with other lineart style. Also i like the new Princess Twilight style, she deserves more love and worship 👑
explicit410711 artist:an-tonio2338 twilight sparkle330142 alicorn269911 anthro310101 the last problem7084 arm behind head8309 armpits45000 bedroom eyes71183 belly34917 belly button94099 big breasts104136 blushing234828 breasts336149 busty twilight sparkle14267 chubby15214 chubby twilight204 crown24229 dialogue78684 female1579904 jewelry88692 looking at you212452 nipples206828 nudity444835 open mouth193226 plump7937 princess twilard 2.04 princess twilight 2.03161 regalia28895 solo1246490 solo female204405 twilard sparkle1563 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137350 wide hips23726


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…We need a Twilight-specific tag of “Praise the Sun.” Or do we already have one?
“Praise the Twilight?” “Praise the Stars?” “Praise the Terminator?”