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Inktober Day 21 - Treasure
I think Ahuizotl should take it.”  
No, no, Dr. Caballeron, I couldn’t possibly. Daring, why don’t you…”  
“Oh, I take so many treasures as it is, I wouldn’t want to seem… greedy.”  
I insist.”  
“Wouldn’t dream of it. Dr. Caballeron?”  
A thousand times I must refuse this too generous offer.”  
So there’s this waterfall that’s supposed to empty into a bottomless abyss, not too far from here…”  
“Fine. Temporary truce for the day, and we never speak of this again.”  
safe1860597 artist:sixes&sevens569 ahuizotl865 daring do6676 doctor caballeron850 ahuizotl (species)89 earth pony312778 pegasus355896 pony1204824 ahuidorable31 cute220192 cutealleron20 daring dorable113 female1500322 head scratch73 inktober1908 inktober 2019457 male422537 mare556562 neckerchief2081 scepter1260 spotlight1454 stallion132464 story included10327 tongue out118288 trio13220 twilight scepter2073


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Do they really think they can rid themselves of this most holy of artifacts by simply dropping it in a pit? What fools they are.