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So after not being able to draw anything for 12 days I was finally able to!!
I love Tatykun amazing artwork and there Fallout ponies!
So that gave me the strength to draw my OC Lamika in her fallout outfit!
Thank you for the inspiration Tatykun!!!
Enjoy the cutie Lamika!!
safe1749511 artist:rarityismywaifu52 oc711384 oc only465124 oc:lamika214 pegasus308824 pony1009659 fallout equestria17553 blushing204479 chest fluff41147 choker12906 clothes475611 ear piercing27757 earring22138 fallout3685 fallout 4849 female1401045 freckles30095 jewelry68115 lipstick11629 makeup22782 mare501759 pegasus oc13044 piercing43060 vault 11133 vault suit3639


not provided yet


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