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Sketch dump 3
suggestive (115702)artist:thewindking (41)spitfire (12148)oc (534594)oc:gizmo gears (48)oc:halo-halo (8)oc:meadow scribble (2)oc:midnight blossom (270)oc:moonlight requiem (5)oc:rory gigabyte (31)oc:shayle (11)bat pony (36633)hippogriff (6915)pegasus (194898)zebra (13692)armpits (36534)bat pony oc (10478)beanie (2796)belly (21287)belly bed (2038)bingo wings (1219)choker (7430)chubby cheeks (2548)crotchboobs (16432)double chin (1115)fat (18005)flabby chest (138)hat (66305)hippogriff oc (240)immobile (2098)impossibly large belly (7814)jogging (141)large ass (10221)morbidly obese (6098)neck roll (456)nudity (299776)obese (9138)pegasus oc (769)rolls of fat (1056)sketch (53978)sketch dump (2488)spitfatty (70)stuck (1964)thighs (5038)thunder thighs (5196)unicorn oc (449)zebra oc (1859)


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Losing my mind

Top right unicorn is Meadow Scribble, the two bat ponies next to her are Midnight Blossom (fatter) and Moonlight Requiem (taller), Halo-Halo is the Hippogryff, Shayle is the doorway stuck zebra, Gizmo Gears is jogging, there’s Spitfire, and the pegasus stuck on top of a gut full of birthday cake is Rory Gigabyte.
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