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Derpibooru 9th Anniversary Prompt:
Draw a character/characters reaching their dreams.

Defeating Her Greatest Enemy…

A big milestone for her…
safe (1487451) artist:darkest-lunar-flower (367) nightmare moon (15430) princess luna (90372) alicorn (175999) pony (765820) blood (20916) blue fire (42) chains (4018) crying (37316) duality (3670) fighting stance (275) fire (9204) happy birthday mlp:fim (789) horn (31161) injured (2894) jewelry (43007) magical bondage (310) mlp fim's ninth anniversary (316) night (20612) nosebleed (2014) pinned down (161) regalia (13829) shackles (1430) wings (59297)


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16 comments posted

one must take great care when fighting yourself.
it is often known that when you fight too hard for too long you end up destroying yourself. most do not know this until it is far too late.
Background Pony #08AE
Nightmare Moon was never the real Monster!!!! The Ponies they don't loved Lunas Nights are the TRUE Monsters!!!!!! And Celestia because she was not here for Luna when she needed her
Background Pony #0FF5
Luna will never truly be over nightmare moon. Even though she defeated her she still has to live with the memories of all the terrible things she's done as nightmare moon. Makes a good metaphor for recovering from a mental illness/drug addiction.

Love this pic <3