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Here are my main Mane 6 ships! I have tried to make mine unique when compared to ships like Flashlight, CheesePie, Sparity/RariPants, or FlutterCord(2 of these popular are divorced in my Next Gen).

DiamondPie= Double Diamond + Pinkie Pie
Pistarity= Pistachio + Rarity
AppleMel= Applejack + Caramel
CometLight= Comet Tail + Twilight Sparkle
SoarinDash= Soarin + Rainbow Dash
TreeShy= Tree Hugger + Fluttershy

Hope you like them!V

All Characters above belong to Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Base belongs to :devPudimAmassado321:
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro/Lauren Faust

Edit: Added in Rarity's hair gradients since I forgot
safe1615097 artist:purplepotato0435 applejack162539 caramel2376 comet tail843 double diamond1600 fluttershy202928 pinkie pie207409 pistachio155 rainbow dash223989 rarity173738 soarin'13488 tree hugger2659 twilight sparkle288232 alicorn205950 pegasus257097 pony882797 unicorn285007 blushing182492 carajack398 cometlight296 doublepinkie5 female1285706 flutterhugger155 lesbian91830 male343634 raristachio22 shipping188267 soarindash4647 straight127785 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118346


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