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saw the sketch for this and decided it deserved some color, so here we are, the lineart for this was done by the lovely @kevinsano who did it as a commision for @Macrosaur which i then collored up and shaded as a gift, hope you all enjoy this cute little luna
suggestive132571 artist:amber_g_harmony1 artist:kevinsano edits1001 color edit7303 edit123019 princess luna95479 anthro240052 big breasts73726 blushing182477 bracelet8388 breast expansion3153 breasts254069 busty princess luna6413 cleavage32230 clothes425730 colored18279 crown15135 dress41117 erect nipples9306 exclamation point3461 female1285618 growth5193 huge breasts34445 impossibly large breasts15481 jewelry55242 looking down7559 monochrome144790 nail polish7163 necklace16398 nipple outline6649 paper3040 regalia17684 solo1002994 solo female171573 stockings29793 thigh highs30488 torn clothes4463 wardrobe malfunction4775


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