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saw the sketch for this and decided it deserved some color, so here we are, the lineart for this was done by the lovely @kevinsano who did it as a commision for @Macrosaur which i then collored up and shaded as a gift, hope you all enjoy this cute little luna
suggestive (116468)artist:amber_g_harmony (1)artist:kevinsano edits (984)color edit (6366)edit (103055)princess luna (89309)anthro (205904)big breasts (58659)blushing (158217)bracelet (6865)breast expansion (2648)breasts (211544)busty princess luna (5497)cleavage (27989)clothes (366260)colored (15683)crown (11411)dress (35911)erect nipples (7206)exclamation point (2976)female (786370)growth (4308)huge breasts (26915)impossibly large breasts (12607)jewelry (41049)looking down (5630)monochrome (136677)nail polish (6095)necklace (12747)nipple outline (5270)paper (2676)regalia (13171)solo (894887)solo female (157408)stockings (26011)thigh highs (24422)torn clothes (3856)wardrobe malfunction (4052)


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