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Equestria must really be the perfect utopia! The national mail system actually works!

I spent so long getting these legs right. At the end of the day, I just have to call it done and leave it at that.

P.S. Luna’s tail is behind her arm.
safe (1446687)artist:sollace (526)princess celestia (84462)princess luna (88765)alicorn (167796)between dark and dawn (1130)spoiler:s09e13 (1130)alternate hairstyle (21578)barehoof (175)bipedal (27365)celestia is not amused (346)clothes (362183)duo (40099)eyeroll (473)eyes closed (69216)eyeshadow (10749)female (776215)folded wings (3322)glowing horn (13901)hair bun (2300)hawaiian shirt (282)hoof on hip (53)horn (27734)leaning (2788)letter (2543)levitation (8926)magic (58594)makeup (14458)mare (345364)ponytail (13475)royal sisters (3322)shirt (17567)siblings (3981)simple background (295697)sisters (6100).svg available (6810)tail bun (251)telekinesis (21231)transparent background (154066)unamused (11536)unimpressed (407)vector (67251)wings (54818)


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