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Equestria must really be the perfect utopia! The national mail system actually works!

I spent so long getting these legs right. At the end of the day, I just have to call it done and leave it at that.

P.S. Luna's tail is behind her arm.
safe1615971 artist:sollace648 princess celestia91187 princess luna95521 alicorn206137 pony883701 between dark and dawn1552 .svg available7838 alternate hairstyle25690 barehoof225 bipedal31792 celestia is not amused482 clothes426112 duo52854 eyeroll542 eyes closed84102 eyeshadow14053 female1286363 folded wings5083 glowing horn17718 hair bun3016 hawaiian shirt402 hoof on hip117 horn52110 leaning3308 letter2918 levitation11147 magic68459 makeup19142 mare439584 ponytail16450 royal sisters4060 shirt22422 siblings7124 simple background361300 sisters7900 tail bun362 telekinesis25642 transparent background187181 unamused14632 unimpressed485 vector72760 wings87800


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