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Uploaded by Background Pony #5228
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Thing about me:
If im designing a child of something I NEED A PARENT REF DAMMIT. Its just bothers me a lot.

So heres Pinkie, Cheese, Applejack and Caramel!
Their childrens subsequent redesigns of their original redesigns will be put on the original redesign, and you’ll be updated on it.
safe (1461246)artist:lepiswerid (5)applejack (150629)caramel (2258)cheese sandwich (3252)pinkie pie (192424)alternate design (1720)black background (3745)carajack (364)cheesepie (1048)coat markings (560)colored hooves (3500)female (788269)male (267926)shipping (168785)simple background (299989)straight (112022)unshorn fetlocks (19388)


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