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suggestive139801 artist:uotapo933 apple bloom48788 scootaloo50796 sweetie belle48508 equestria girls196711 growing up is hard to do1420 a-cup angst23 adorabloom2673 adorasexy9477 age progression629 apple bloom's bow1276 belly button75756 big breasts79695 blue underwear2424 blushing193091 bow27820 breast envy447 breasts270471 busty apple bloom1716 busty sweetie belle2061 cleavage33765 clothes449991 cute195803 cutealoo2809 cutie mark crusaders18832 cutie mark underwear939 delicious flat chest5046 diasweetes2856 embarrassed11136 embarrassed underwear exposure824 female1339099 females only12152 green underwear1041 hair bow15092 jeans3982 midriff19066 miniskirt4948 older25983 older apple bloom2044 older cmc420 older scootaloo1981 older sweetie belle2247 open clothes2643 open fly252 panties49376 pants14085 patreon12443 patreon logo8565 ribbon6973 scootaflat228 sexy28513 short shirt1520 shorts13618 signature23457 skirt38902 stupid sexy sweetie belle92 trio8785 trio female1628 underwear59706 unzipped315 unzipped pants34 wall of tags2919


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@Background Pony #F756
busty sweetie belle (1631)
busty apple bloom (1287)
busty scootaloo (933)

Not much of a proof, but people seem to more often draw Sweetie Belle bustier. Although if we take the "older X" tags into consideration:

Sweetie Belle: busty (1631) / older (1532) = 106% of the images
Apple Bloom: busty (1287) / older (1397) = 92% of the images
Scootaloo: busty (933) / older (1441) = 65% of the images

Not that this is a proof either; with the margin of error, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are often drawn busty about the same amount, and Scootaloo not nearly as often.

The issue is that this does not take the amount of bustyness into account. So this is the best I've could have done.
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Background Pony #F7F8
I gotta tell ya, Sweetie belle sure got some pretty big boobs there!
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With a version of the CMC to be blushing when the clothing including their underwear mysteriously vanishes leaving them blushing while ending up naked. With scootaloo and apple bloom pantsed when sweetie belle was blushing over seeing scootaloo wearing a pair of rainbow dash's panties.
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