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NOTE: I did not make these images. All credit goes to the original artist.

After several weeks of just sitting as an idea in my head, here it is: a compilation of every reformed antagonist exclusively from Equestria Girls: Better Together (plus Juniper because why not? 😉)

Now, in keeping with tradition for these things, here's the question: Given that each of these repented beauties did pretty unpleasant things before turning good, which one would you be most comfortable to go out on a date with?

Sound off in the comments and enjoy!
safe1613975 artist:the-butch-x1450 edit122950 editor:thomasfan45249 juniper montage1226 kiwi lollipop379 supernova zap355 vignette valencia655 wallflower blush1846 human146369 equestria girls187256 equestria girls series30139 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12553 amusement park109 bare shoulders2021 beautiful5082 beauty mark1065 blushing182298 breasts253754 busty kiwi lollipop33 busty vignette valencia103 butch's hello127 cellphone3037 cleavage32199 clothes425292 concession stand62 crepuscular rays2499 cute185982 description is relevant752 dress41084 equestria girls logo774 female1284722 freckles26136 glasses56686 grass8694 hands in lap7 heart44560 hello x127 jeans3657 k-lo282 kneesocks1018 legs7531 looking at you152262 music festival12 open mouth129636 pants12947 peace sign2593 phone5459 pigtails4416 plants256 postcrush235 reformed villain51 schrödinger's pantsu319 sexy26511 shorts12837 signature20718 sitting57412 sitting on grass4 smiling224201 socks59533 speech bubble21165 striped sweater59 su-z284 sweater13466 sweet dreams fuel867 theater293 thighs9856 twintails1561 wall of tags2646 wallflower and plants67


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Background Pony #1688
All of them because of their lovely designs (especially Vignette's X3)
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