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ight this one needs some talking about. I KNOW fluttershy looks like a student and discord looks like a teacher. that was NOT intentional, and i do not support teacher x student relationships. I might change fluttershy's outfit in the future though

bases by selenaede
safe1639164 artist:selenaede1612 artist:unicorngutz32 discord29738 fluttershy205638 tree hugger2693 human148612 alternate hairstyle26324 bandana5045 base used17610 beard3399 bisexual5231 boots20510 clothes435536 discord gets all the mares92 discoshy2630 facial hair5425 feet37514 female1304985 flats336 flutterhugger156 humanized97371 jeans3782 lesbian93050 male351084 mary janes1102 pants13385 pleated skirt4012 polyamory6503 sandals4038 shipping191537 shirt22988 shoes33552 shorts13109 simple background370735 skirt37728 socks62037 stockings30612 straight129962 sweater13890 t-shirt4097 thigh highs32479 transparent background192518 treecord23 treecordshy9 vest3703 zettai ryouiki1794


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