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artist needed25609 source needed13713 safe1616437 edit123121 edited screencap59257 screencap210913 adagio dazzle12233 aria blaze9308 kiwi lollipop380 pinkie pie207559 sonata dusk12900 sunset shimmer58939 pony884270 unicorn285565 equestria girls187716 equestria girls series30268 sunset's backstage pass!2190 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12647 accessories919 armband814 belt4938 belt buckle245 bipedal31864 boots19811 clothes426321 dress41161 duo52889 duo female8363 family4168 female1286711 guitar4566 guitar pick83 hair tie726 hairpin1455 hand8121 headband3212 heart44633 high res23369 holding2736 jacket11374 jewelry55341 k-lo288 leaning3314 leaning on someone5 leather983 leather boots195 leather jacket3033 leather shoes18 leggings1850 microphone4657 musical instrument8598 night24258 night sky1569 numbers161 offscreen character31211 open mouth129976 outdoors8535 pants12986 pigtails4424 ponytail16459 scarf21562 shoes32289 shooting star904 shorts12863 siblings7130 silhouette2332 singing5970 sisters7905 skirt37062 sky12615 socks59720 spikes671 standing10946 stars14289 strings95 sweater13498 text53607 the dazzlings4130 title card663 top313 trio7735 trio female1138 wall of tags2655 woman427 wristband3297 youtube2230


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