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Here it is! My entry for this year’s Derpibooru anniversary event! Apparently this year’s prompt is: "Draw a character/characters reaching their dreams." So here she is, Petunia Paleo, reaching her dream of bringing back to life long extinct creatures, because what other dream would dino-filly have, really. Luster Dawn is just there… to be the butt of a joke. Hope y’all like it folks!
safe (1460417)artist:edhelistar (98)derpibooru exclusive (21034)luster dawn (462)petunia paleo (181)brachiosaurus (19)dilophosaurus (11)dinosaur (984)earth pony (158584)pony (725638)pterosaur (28)sauropod (13)tyrannosaurus rex (250)unicorn (216241)the last problem (2536)spoiler:s09e26 (2603)amber (13)blue (raptor) (7)cane (594)clothes (366634)dakotaraptor steini (1)duo (40765)female (787550)glasses (48332)hair bun (2363)happy birthday mlp:fim (790)hat (67194)john hammond (12)jurassic park (258)jurassic world (88)kanji (141)looking at something (1913)looking at you (125041)mare (352233)mlp fim's ninth anniversary (316)mosquito in amber (1)older (19776)older petunia paleo (3)parody (14690)pony riding a dinosaur (1)quetzalcoatlus (3)scared (8167)shirt (17847)signature (15396)simple background (299693)sweat (20505)tengwar (34)traditional art (100161)

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