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@Background Pony #C223
Personally, I don’t take that tweet as "word of God".
Legend of Everfree was the only EQG movie she was assistant director for, and she was only a storyboard artist for everything else. Hell, she only started working on the show after rainbow rocks. If sunset turned bi, it would have to be during LoE, which if my memory serves, doesn’t really make sense.

In general I don’t like the "word of God" rule, especially when there’s more than one cook in the kitchen. At worst, you get a J.K. Rowling situation where pretty much everything gets retconned for the sake of being retconned.

It also pins down one singular idea as being canon. The show staff went to great lengths as far as I can tell to leave many parts of the end of the show ambiguous, most likely so that fan theories won’t get destroyed (although big rip to pinkie fans)

this should have been a forum post, tbh. Oh well :/
Background Pony #A369
@Background Pony #5CC4
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Background Pony #A369
@Background Pony #5CC4

I’m going to make a third one now just because you said that

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Background Pony #2C63
I don’t think so. Usually, any meme gets repeated to the point people grow tired and bored of it and stop making them. Most memes have a very short "shelf life" because of this.

I probably am (a good pun on your end too, by the way).
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Background Pony #2C63
We’re still making and uploading these edits? Pardon the pun but I think this is kind of beating a dead horse at this point.
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