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full version of >>2172168
safe1555305 artist:shinodage1103 edit114554 edited screencap53956 screencap195178 applejack157227 fluttershy195752 luster dawn853 pinkie pie201364 rainbow dash217197 rarity167898 spike74207 twilight sparkle279773 alicorn190901 dragon46574 earth pony190416 ghoul449 pegasus232382 pony826510 siren2007 undead1280 unicorn257365 fallout equestria15052 the last problem3965 a-bomb2 adventure time1303 air raid4 air raid siren2 alarm55 alternate ending436 alternate scenario297 animated90998 apocalypse265 apocalyptic10 armageddon17 atomic bomb157 attack250 bad end1951 balefire32 balefire bomb58 blast492 blinding5 bomb556 boom69 burn242 burned352 burning535 burnt132 claws4488 communism in the comments21 confused4056 crossover56358 cute173521 cyberdyne systems3 defcon5 destruction1324 doom360 doomed26 doomsday24 doomsday weapon4 dragon wings496 end of an era35 end of g490 end of ponies742 end of the world70 equestria is doomed154 equestria is fucked14 ethereal mane6236 everyone died9 everything is ruined334 explosion1985 extinct7 extinction12 extinction level event1 fallout3072 fallout equestria ghoul1 fangs21557 female879439 fire9834 ghoulification14 gigachad spike731 great fire of canterlot2 great war5 ground zero2 ground zeroes6 h-bomb2 happy ending override13 heat115 hell219 hibakusha1 high octane nightmare fuel39 hiroshima9 holy shit31 hooves16151 horn40435 horror590 hydrogen17 hydrogen bomb4 i am become cute the destroyer of worlds1 icbm7 imminent death2248 implied death2332 jaw drop212 kablam3 kaboom19 kim jong-un54 mad max179 mad max fury road99 male299032 mane seven5849 mane six28975 manehattan project3 manhattan project2 mare404214 megaspell57 megaspell explosion41 metro 203343 metro 20342 mindfuck49 missile248 missile strike4 mushroom cloud244 mushroom war2 my little terminator4 nagasaki4 nearer my god to thee3 nightmare1229 nightmare fuel3458 north korea140 nuclear29 nuclear arrowhead2 nuclear assault4 nuclear explosion74 nuclear war13 nuclear weapon218 nuked2 oh crap261 oh fuck4 oh god no33 oh my113 oh no214 oh shi4 oh shi-!22 oh shit117 older22543 older applejack501 older fluttershy482 older mane seven156 older mane six251 older pinkie pie473 older rainbow dash561 older rarity488 older spike4594 older twilight1067 post-apocalyptic462 princess twilight 2.01502 pure unfiltered evil1590 radiation90 radiation poisoning10 radioactive170 radioactive waste33 raised eyebrow6094 scary474 shocked5594 shocked expression507 shocked eyes14 shocked face29 shocker19 skynet11 sound6453 surprise attack7 sweet celestia8 sweet celestia have mercy1 sweet celestia i can't believe it2 terminator278 terrorism39 terrorist78 terrorist attack2 testament6 the 1002 the day after4 the divide4 the end is neigh93 the end of the world9 the great war5 the war8 this will end in death1981 this will end in pain1654 this will end in tears2974 this will end in tears and/or death2079 threads(movie)2 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113700 twist ending25 uh oh198 wall of tags2239 war1167 war never changes21 we are all doomed5 we are all gonna die!4 we're all doomed31 weapon26717 weaponry3 weapons-grade cute3105 webm9687 welcome to hell5 well we're boned9 when the wind blows2 winged spike7004 wings71909 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2220


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Lord Mega

"No! NO! NONONONONONO! N͓͔̰͙̾͆͋ͥO̕Ỏ̞̺̳͉̣̖̥͇̥̮͕̻̹̣̜̇ͧ̓̌͗͊̃́ͩ̏̓̅ͩ̈́Ȯ̜͍̳ͩͭ͟͢O҉̯̲̳͎͚͉͎̩̟̮Ó̢̥͈̘̫͍̣̜͛̉̏̈́̂ͩ̅͞ͅOͨ͗̇͏͏̵̰͔̘!͗̋̿̓ͥ͒ͮ̉ͫ͂ͤ̍ͭ̏̕ This, IS NOT, WHERE IT ENDS!"

"Ah, much better, because you know how it goes, War, war never changes."
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Background Pony #A45F
This presents the fandom way too accurate where they exploded due to it being the final episode.
Background Pony #3174
Route A: You play as Twilight
Route B: You play as Spike
Route C: After this image, you switch characters, you can even play as Luster Dawn later.
Background Pony #72D5
Captain Matias (Bedsheets) Torres: One million lives GONE! Beautiful… isn't it?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Megalomaniacal toaster
Thirty years after The Ending of the End is plenty of time for a war to break out and for this to be canon

The glory of fanfics~
Background Pony #9BF3
@MJ Nazario
That's impossible! They are all reformed, plus, Chrysalis is now petrified in the episode before this one, go and watch Season 6 finale to see why!