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Rainbow can't hold her tears for this moment.

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safe1656622 artist:mrkat7214418 rainbow dash228286 pegasus272545 pony920956 absurd resolution65134 closed mouth98 crying42103 cute192283 daaaaaaaaaaaw3524 dashabetes8811 dialogue62914 end of ponies779 feels1559 female1319836 floppy ears49752 happy29899 looking at you159784 mare457387 puppy dog eyes699 sad23754 sadorable810 simple background376935 smiling234603 smiling at you2625 solo1031954 stuttering105 sweet dreams fuel1167 talking to viewer2449 tears of joy2373 teary eyes3794 white background93430


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Background Pony #A45E
Your awesome as well rainbow dash and 200% cooler and same with you and your friends