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Rainbow can’t hold her tears for this moment.
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Pinkie Pie  
Rainbow Dash  
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Twilight Sparkle
safe1788010 artist:mrkat7214454 rainbow dash241960 pegasus324015 pony1103685 absurd resolution67849 closed mouth197 crying45731 cute210396 daaaaaaaaaaaw4874 dashabetes9838 dialogue70036 end of ponies801 feels1576 female1436225 floppy ears56825 happy33055 looking at you182230 mare520040 puppy dog eyes772 sad smile72 sadbow dash41 sadorable1007 simple background423805 smiling273504 smiling at you6633 solo1123617 stuttering124 sweet dreams fuel1709 talking to viewer3203 tears of joy2696 teary eyes4684 white background106643


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Your awesome as well rainbow dash and 200% cooler and same with you and your friends
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