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"I used to wonder what friendship could be…" -Twilight Sparkle

Its always sad to see a show so close to me end, but friendship will live on. Just as Twilight lived out her dream of spreading friendship, we will too. Happy 9th Anniversary MLP: FiM!
safe1637332 artist:ericneomatrix5 applejack164392 fluttershy205442 pinkie pie209722 rainbow dash226350 rarity175764 starlight glimmer46451 twilight sparkle291484 alicorn210619 earth pony223178 pegasus265032 pony902639 unicorn294302 :o3561 bipedal32466 book31963 c:1176 cake9378 cute189342 female1303228 food65825 good end544 happy birthday mlp:fim1303 i'm so alone91 levitation11391 magic69630 mane six30813 mare448665 meme80181 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 on back23247 open mouth133087 simple background370023 smiling229729 subverted meme238 telekinesis26181 text54936 theme song365 twiabetes11088 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119838 upside down5258 white background91777


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