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safe (1445686)artist:fensu-san (462)applejack (149507)fluttershy (186089)pinkie pie (190861)rainbow dash (205881)rarity (159340)twilight sparkle (263557)alicorn (167534)earth pony (153969)pegasus (193774)pony (713285)unicorn (210424)the last problem (2352)spoiler:s09e26 (2387)clothes (361817)cute (151597)ear fluff (18364)end of ponies (641)female (775029)mane six (26906)mare (344570)older (19349)older applejack (289)older fluttershy (271)older mane 6 (116)older pinkie pie (278)older rainbow dash (318)older rarity (291)older twilight (637)one eye closed (20872)open mouth (106104)series finale (138)smiling (186327)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104095)


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