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safe1614273 artist:fensu-san544 applejack162474 fluttershy202864 pinkie pie207326 rainbow dash223913 rarity173640 twilight sparkle288108 alicorn205769 earth pony215473 pegasus256814 pony881802 unicorn284697 the last problem5012 clothes425411 cute186033 ear fluff25282 end of ponies772 female1284977 mane six30356 mare438973 older24311 older applejack639 older fluttershy608 older mane six315 older pinkie pie604 older rainbow dash690 older rarity612 older twilight1334 one eye closed27050 open mouth129682 series finale147 smiling224262 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118287


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Background Pony #E893
Honestly I love how in this image, twilight has her regular appearance
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