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dead source19185 safe1556152 artist:frankilew202 bulk biceps3198 fluttershy195844 pegasus232686 pony827346 accidental kiss52 blushing172694 bust39297 cheering704 comic100089 cute173391 ear piercing20898 earring17383 female880434 floppy ears45949 flutterbulk212 frown21357 grin32227 happy27105 jewelry49142 kissing22129 male299287 nervous4922 open mouth120503 piercing33893 role reversal1267 shipping181583 shy3423 smiling210042 straight120167 sweat22418 traditional art107919 wide eyes16027 yay722 yeah143


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Background Pony #5179
The ship died for me when Discord did a lot of things for Fluttershy since S5 and Bulk developed cute relationship with Derpy in EQG. These were what real romances are. While this image is just cute picture with no substance. i probably won't understand ships that are based on non canon chemistry.
Background Pony #5DFA
@Background Pony #6A8C
All of mane6 treated him like a special snowflake with mental disabilities. Merriweather Williams had a better concept of Bulk Biceps character in Wonderbolt Acadmy than Corey Powell in Rainbow Falls.
Background Pony #5DFA
@Background Pony #5C39
Well in my score Fluttercord win against Flutterdash only because same sex relationships are a less possible. Then Flutterdash win over Fluttermac becausee they actually interact and are friends. And then Fluttermac win over Flutterbulk because she along Rainbow Dash treated Bulk Biceps like some kid or mentally challenged person that need special treatment. And since she treated BM in Filli Vanilli like a normal guy he gets more points.
Background Pony #726B
@Background Pony #5B5E
I believe it's:

Because FlutterMac has no dialogue between the two at all. Also, FlutterDash in third because biase.