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Cute Zootopia as SprGliTempLight~

That is my ship
safe1614679 artist:徐詩珮9012 fizzlepop berrytwist9030 glitter drops6135 spring rain5581 tempest shadow16156 twilight sparkle288164 alicorn205858 pony882309 unicorn284843 series:sprglitemplight diary3465 bisexual5160 broken horn13187 dawn bellwether21 disney villains40 female1285336 flash slothmore20 glitterlight2207 glittershadow5310 horn51882 judy hopps233 lesbian91805 lineart19474 mare439076 nick wilde142 palindrome get1002 polyamory6420 shipping188220 sprglitemplight2117 springdrops4143 springlight2268 springshadow4892 springshadowdrops4025 tempestlight3512 traditional art111144 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118322 zootopia313


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