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Raspberry Dazzle: Earth ponies, unicorns, and Pegasi becoming friends! We learned at Twilight's school that friendship is the most powerful magic there is!
safe1639670 screencap213766 amethyst star2467 candy grapes31 chancellor neighsay617 citrine spark374 clever musings151 cookie crumbles984 dandy dispatch35 dawnlighter78 fancypants1883 fire quacker374 firelight404 fleur-de-lis3475 green sprout29 hondo flanks510 indigo daze26 jet set441 lemon hearts2061 lyra heartstrings28736 moondancer4662 night light2158 november rain549 party favor1476 raspberry dazzle14 snails5211 snips4132 sparkler2319 stellar flare1123 sweetie belle47786 tune-up54 twilight velvet4068 upper crust626 pony905308 unicorn295596 the ending of the end3006 background pony9788 chalkboard2708 checkered floor17 colt14078 curtains1769 desk3068 door3808 drawers24 female1305432 filly62891 friendship student1585 globe296 male351239 mare449935 princess celestia's school for gifted unicorns55 school1683 speech3105 stallion100694


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