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For moments like these, it’s hard for Applejack to cry inside.
Decided to make a set of crying ponies after finale - this time with my second favorite pony.
Other ponies:  
Pinkie Pie  
Rainbow Dash  
Starlight Glimmer  
Twilight Sparkle
safe1769170 artist:mrkat7214442 applejack174737 earth pony274153 pony1029086 absurd resolution67600 applebetes155 crying45315 cute207929 daaaaaaaaaaaw4772 dialogue68977 end of ponies798 feels1572 female1417961 floppy ears55466 happy32579 jackabetes6329 looking at you178445 mare510666 open mouth158042 puppy dog eyes763 sad smile70 sadjack38 sadorable963 simple background415338 smiling266507 smiling at you5676 solo1108073 sugarcube197 sweet dreams fuel1686 talking to viewer3012 tears of joy2664 teary eyes4536 white background104261 wiping tears70


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