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safe1678506 artist:alumx687 artist:jargon scott2282 luster dawn1479 princess celestia93874 alicorn219080 unicorn311801 the last problem5564 all star (song)26 alternate hairstyle27456 boomer62 female1337977 lustie24 mare467410 meta16514 millennial luster dawn17 past60 short hair1882 smash mouth33 smiling240850 smirk12166 sun6515 sunglasses14049 text58209 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon255 twiggie 2.018 twitter3186 wide eyes16825


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God is dead.
Really? What was that from, Legends of Magic or whatever?
Not that the comics are even canon, but that's really the only figure we've ever been given.
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Since you created this, shouldn't you be listed as an artist as well in the tags?

I don't consider it so much as "art" as a shitpost. I was more interested in crediting Alumx and Jargon for the pictures I used in the avatars.
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God is dead.
Where's that 20,000 figure from? I know that Celestia is over 1,000 because the first episode took place on the 1,000th anniversary of Luna's banishment (aka the Summer Sun Celebration) but afaik her age isn't ever clearly stated.
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I wonder if anyone has ever done anything and speculated who Celestia and Luna's friends where back when they were fillies? Like were they a part of a "mane six" type group thousands of years ago?
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Background Pony #7F92
its just zooming in so all elements are bigger, therefore upping their pixel resolution, rather than screencapping the default resolution and upscaling the pixels.
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