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Artist Desc:

oldish vent im going to post now anyways because this day has been pretty shit(examples: eating problems, weight gain, one of the horses i’ve been riding for yeeeeeears((even tho he was not mine i honestly loved him)) passed away, i have been very sad all day, i found out my eating habits are even more messed up i actually thought etc etc) and i have no energy to do anything new :^) i am not gonna go and put everything here just because i don’t want to trigger people or make anyone upset. i used tempest because i love drawing her and she is a bit easier and faster to do than sira. and my mlp oc desperately needs a redesign so not gonna use her much either oof.

this was also a background and water practice because well, i suck at those. it turned out okay but not entirely like i wanted. i am not good at drawing from life and that’s why i kinda edited a real picture of water in with my own drawing. lmao im probably just lazy :’D i am not that good at editing either haha

the pony itself turned out good tbh. the pose is a bit stiff but this is old, as i said before. i love how kinda glowing the water looks too :3 yee anyways,,

i hope you like this!!
have a nice day!

art belongs to me.
mlp does not belong to me.
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