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"You were my Big Brother Best Friend Forever. I just wish forever could have lasted a little bit longer. Rest in peace, big bro."
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
"Here lies a totally gnarly pone, a total bro to all he knew, he lived and died on the skateboard with corn dogs in his hoof."
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Devoted Husband, Loving father, Prince of Crystal Empire, Captain of the royal guard of Canterlot, brother to Princess Twilight Sparkle, Son of Twilight Velvet and Knightlight sheen.

Killed in action.
Served protecting his homeland.
Background Pony #C8C2
The sad look on his face looks wrong for a tombstone/memorial. He should be tall and proud, inspiring to others for a life well-lived, a duty fulfilled, and a kingdom well lead.
Background Pony #15FF
I really don’t think Twilight Sparkle is immortal nor do I believe she will outlive her friends or BBBFF.

I think Shining Armor and Cadance would be enjoying their retirement together while their daughter Flurry Heart is ruling the Crystal Empire.
Background Pony #6D40
He called her Twigoose, she turned him into a stone statue, Twigoose is too dumb to turn him back.

I like Dashie and Dusty
"Hey….. Brother… There's the endless road that we discover…"
"Hey….. Sister….. Know the blood is thicker than a water…."
Flaming Frets
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"You will linger on in darkness and in doubt. As night falling winter has come without a star. Here you will dwell, bound to you grief, under the fading trees, until all the world has changed and the long years of your life are utterly spent."