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safe1639622 screencap213765 auntie lofty246 bifröst134 bulk biceps3359 cloud kicker1910 cotton puff32 cotton sky80 derpy hooves49078 feather flatterfly77 featherweight1236 gentle breeze336 goldy wings74 huckleberry357 lemon crumble56 loosey-goosey32 misty fly529 night glider1320 ocarina green54 peppermint goldylinks436 posey shy1164 rumble3859 scootaloo50135 silver lining263 silver zoom260 sky stinger511 soarin'13631 sugar maple133 summer breeze215 sunshower raindrops2314 thunderlane3947 vapor trail998 violet twirl143 water spout17 zephyr breeze2190 pegasus266128 pony905265 the ending of the end3006 background pony9788 butt46950 cloudsdale1249 colt14077 female1305381 filly62889 friendship student1585 hyper sonic52 male351224 mare449915 plot74476 stallion100689


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Background Pony #C009
Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty probably split up for the family’s safety. It’s dangerous to have Scootaloo alone with everything going on, and Holiday is an Earth Pony and can’t walk on clouds!
Background Pony #8BA3
So Rumble and Thunderlane were in the battle of the Mean 3. They were just off screen
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