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Pandoraverse Month of Love: Coffee Time

My entry of the Pandoraverse Contest. Both characters belong to Lopoddity

And now, story time!

It was another afternoon like any other in Canterlot, where all the ponies of the kingdom spent a pleasant time in the little Cup o' Joe's cafe, drinking coffee and eating sweets, when suddenly, and without warning, Princess Irisdecense entered. All the ponies were quiet and sat still at the unexpected presence of her majesty.

The princess, with a firm but glamorous step, went directly to the bar where Cuppa Joe, the shop owner, was serving coffee. Princess Irisdecense takes a seat, and with her nose up, waits for Joe to serves her. Joe looks at her calm and carelessly.

Joe: Shall I serve you something, gorgeous?

Irisdecense (frowning): My, my. Is this how you address to a lady?

Joe (with a small chuckle): I address to whoever and however I want, as long as a mare shows me some respect.

Irisdecense: Respect? Look who's talking. Do you have any idea who are you talking to? I am Irisdecense, Princess of Canterlot.

Joe: Princess? For me, I only see a cocky mare.

The ponies were amazed at Joe's response. The atmosphere in the cafeteria grew tense.

Irisdencesce (annoyed but maintaining composure): Watch with your tongue, barista. I can have you locked up for life. So you'd better take back what you said.

Joe: I will, if you give me a kiss.

All the ponies were shocked with fear at Joe's response to the Princess. There was a moment of silence, until it was broken by the laughter of Iriscedences and Joe.

Joe (smiling): Oh, Irisdecense, stop it already. You're scaring my clients!

Irisdecense (with a giggle): I'm naughty, I can't help it, Joey. That's why I like to visit my favorite rude barista.

Joe: And that's what I like to serve to my favorite cocky client…

Joe and Irisdecense laughed together for a moment until they calmed down.

Joe: So, the usual? Latte.

Irisdence: You know me very well.

Irisdecense looked at Joe tenderly as he was making her coffee.

Pony 1: W-wow, I thought she was going to throw a curse or something to him.

Pony 2: So it's true what the stories say.

Pony 3: What stories?

Pony 2: I heard that Joe is a friend of Princess Irisdecense for a long time. I thought it was Joe's joke, but now I believe it.

Pony 3: Friends? Do not you think they are …?

Pony 4: Nah! Don't even think about it! I don't think those two are a couple. Not in a million of moons.

Nopony know if Joe and Irisdecense are in love or have something between them, but something is certain: Irisdecense can't deny that Joe is attractive.

And there you have it! My first story related with My Little Pony Universe.

Princess Irisdecense and Cuppa Joe are characters created by Lopoddity.
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