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The (almost) full compilation of Wilhelm scream from MLP franchise, based on informations from Wiki.

20 in total.
safe1637046 screencap213504 ahuizotl815 angel bunny9590 apple bloom47969 applejack164365 babs seed5665 beaude mane80 berry punch6335 berryshine6327 big macintosh27387 blues958 bon bon15869 brawly beats268 bright idea326 bright smile113 captain planet670 castle (crystal pony)113 cherry crash607 chickadee859 cloudy kicks412 coco crusoe586 cool beans25 daisy2366 daring do6269 diamond mint193 discord29709 dove (character)21 flower wishes2235 fluttershy205401 grayson eddy11 heath burns408 honey curls84 humdrum444 indigo wreath501 lemon hearts2048 linky1471 lyra heartstrings28697 lyrica lilac270 mare e. lynn84 masked matter-horn795 masquerade200 meadow song534 merry may765 ms. peachbottom859 night glider1312 noi658 nolan north450 normal norman876 north star293 noteworthy958 old spice (character)17 parasol598 party favor1472 perry pierce68 pinkie pie209688 ponet362 princess cadance31482 princess ember6104 rainbow dash226310 rainbowshine865 rarity175733 red gala167 rose heart622 rover977 royal riff356 ruby pinch1294 sandalwood1040 sassaflash901 scott green415 scribble dee503 sea swirl1500 seafoam1500 shining armor22337 shoeshine1586 silver script106 smooze830 spike76567 spring forward41 spring melody1102 sprinkle medley1102 strawberry ice93 sugar belle2955 sunset shimmer59960 sweetie belle47751 sweetie drops15869 twilight sparkle291429 twinkleshine2131 velvet sky502 alicorn210497 crystal pony4379 draconequus10130 dragon51991 earth pony223031 pegasus264850 pony902079 rabbit4830 tatzlwurm248 unicorn294085 yak4322 apple family reunion1069 bloom and gloom1008 daring don't1020 equestria girls190792 equestria girls (movie)6801 for whom the sweetie belle toils820 games ponies play1029 gauntlet of fire1443 keep calm and flutter on1022 legend of everfree7767 magic duel2035 make new friends but keep discord1927 not asking for trouble542 player piano152 power ponies (episode)1769 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2602 rainbow rocks17866 scare master914 tanks for the memories1418 the cutie map4067 three's a crowd1254 absurd file size733 animal3837 animal costume1908 animated95193 apple15461 apple family member2652 apple tree2963 applelion293 armor22667 astrodash200 athena sparkle215 background human6265 background pony9770 balloon9844 barrel1540 big crown thingy2277 black vine597 blast617 canterlot high2592 clothes434624 compilation537 costume26350 derp6540 destruction1401 diamond dudes75 dizzy706 dragon armor270 dragoness7429 dress42127 element of kindness862 element of magic2113 fall formal outfits1354 female1302976 fortress of talacon42 gala dress4437 grand galloping gala504 house2097 jason voorhees187 jewelry56987 jumping3174 magic69619 magic beam314 magic blast970 male350292 mare448553 maze184 multiple heads1576 nightmare night costume1544 our town279 party1775 pinkie puffs176 ponyville5478 power ponies2627 rain5815 regalia18087 rings of scorchero146 screaming3141 sound7985 stallion100298 stick651 sunset satan1324 telekinesis26177 tree30306 trophy693 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119812 two heads650 two-headed dragon58 unicorn twilight15204 wagon862 wall of tags2801 weather factory96 weather factory uniform120 webm11820 wilhelm scream21 yakyakistan142


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Background Pony #4FF6
Jesus,as usual EQG stick out of a franchise called about pony like a jaunissed sore thumb
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Background Pony #9905
not even mlp can escape the Wilhelm scream. makes me wonder like how many times in films and tv the Wilhelm scream was used in total

Oh hell, it's been used hundreds of times in movies, TV shows, videogames and more!

Example: The roar of the "Cloverfield" monster is the Wilhelm scream played backward and slowed down with a lot of reverb and echo effects added.

Do a Google search for the Wilhelm scream and you'll be amazed!
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

not even mlp can escape the Wilhelm scream. makes me wonder like how many times in films and tv the Wilhelm scream was used in total
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