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safe1616439 screencap210913 applejack162673 bon bon15680 coloratura2775 cozy glow6725 cranky doodle donkey951 derpy hooves48654 fluttershy203080 lord tirek5139 lyra heartstrings28428 pinkie pie207559 queen chrysalis33394 rainbow dash224133 rarity173847 sweetie drops15681 twilight sparkle288412 alicorn206226 bird7376 the last problem5039 animated94197 apple15283 chef228 chef's hat622 crown15160 female1286714 food64335 hat79604 jewelry55342 lesbian91906 lyrabon3161 mane six30391 marriage1157 moon22127 muffin6247 newspaper1584 no sound3675 pear523 regalia17713 shipping188444 slideshow66 statue2181 sun6133 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118420 webm11389 wedding1330


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