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Background Pony #09C2
@Background Pony #916F
Is this a "Matrix" reference where Neo finds himself in the mountains?

I'm reminded of a scene from Avengers: Infinity War where Cull Obsidian was about to crunch Irom Man and instead ended up in the arctic when he went through a portal Wong summoned.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
0:01 HEY, BUGHORSE!!! Looking for HER??!!! You better fly like a bee and crawl back to your s&&thole! 'Cause I got a ton of buckballs inscribed with YOUR name on it!! I learned how to hunt big game like you AND swat big nasty gnats LIKE YOU!!!

0:05 ENOUGH TALK, Cheesy Legs!! You wanna have a knock at Headmare Starlight, go ahead! Just stay her students outta this fight!!!

0:08 EAT LEAD, MOTHERF&&&ER!!!!!!
Background Pony Number 17

Also damn clever on Starlight's part to TP the two of them to the middle of nowhere so they can have a slugfest without tearing apart half of Ponyville. Not that many superheroes have the presence of mind to do the old "let's take this outside" routine.